Folks enjoying Zhang Zhaohui’s interactive public art installation ‘You & Me’ set up in the famous 798 Art District in Beijing China. The body shaped metal frames are adult sized with small rocks sitting at the bases to allow for easy access into the cutouts. 

*photo #2 AP Photo/Lee Jin-man 



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look at this picture of coriander from our walk outside today omg


look at this picture of coriander from our walk outside today omg

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did i ever say how much i hate the word “womyn” because i hate it

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you shouldn't be using nounself pronouns if you're cis. also a merkin is a pubic wig so you should probably rethink that url.


So wow. Ok, first off, it’s possible for one word to mean different things. If I say the word “merkin” and the first thing that pops into your mind is some sort of stupid wig thing, then you’re probably not even living in this century! I take merkin to refer to a separate race consisting of “mermaid” creatures. The reason I never use the word “mermaids” (except for when I absolutely HAVE to, like now apparently, come on people, really??) is because it is OFFENSIVE. It is another way for men to automatically subjugate women (or, as I prefer, womyn). WE HAVE TO start taking OUR WORDS back! Almost ALL of the English language refers to womyn as if they are some sort of deranged form of man (female, is an altered male, women is an altered man, etc). It is an INSIDIOUS way of trying to KEEP WOMYN DOWN. We have to, HAVE TO, change the way that we look at words to try and create OUR OWN identity. The word “mermaid” is even worse though because the word AUTOMATICALLY SUBJUGATES MER-SISTERS. The word MAID is BUILT INTO THE NAME! So yeah, maybe 500 years ago, or whatever “merkin” meant something else, but TODAY it refers to a form of otherkin that self identify as mer. I will NEVER call myself a “mermaid”. If other mer-sisters want to, they can go ahead, I won’t hold it against them (love you girls), but I have the right to identify myself as I chose. YOU WILL NOT TELL ME WHO I AM. Secondly, for people who have gone through a lot to understand yourselves, you people seem to be not very willing to let me understand myself. Sure, I originally had myself labeled as “cis” on this tumblr because I thought it only applied to gender and not to other-beings. Now that I know the convention, I will change my tumblr profile. However, although I know that I’m still learning about myself, I had always hoped that on this blog I could do it through people who understood what I was going through, and I wouldn’t feel constantly attacked by the people I had hoped to get support from. It seems that our cultures infectious and masochistic methods of telling people what they should be instead of asking who they are actually is effective.

i literally just said you shouldnt be using nounself if you’re cis. i didnt fucking attack you like chill the hell out on the victim complex

also merkins were used pretty commonly in the ‘70’s and are still worn today. literally there are color digital photos of them. you can buy them. like google “merkin” and see what you get because its sure as hell not gonna be mermaids

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We all like to talk about that “Running like Naruto" phase that all dorky weaboo kids go trough, but what we don not talk enough about is the later “Sitting and eating like L" phase that all dorky weaboo teenagers go trough

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current mood: john marshall having a misadventure in the library of congress


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misslahla replied to your post: look at this picture of coriander from…

Omg is that a little harness and leash

YES i got it from flightquarters!! it’s really good quality and fits well, and even has a little pouch under her vent so that if she poops, it doesnt go on me or stick to her

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look at this picture of coriander from our walk outside today omg

look at this picture of coriander from our walk outside today omg

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